Keep Your Face Dry With Ease in the Shower



This product was a major help when I got my eyebrows micro-bladed.


This is amazing. My MIL had eye surgery and couldn’t get any water any where near her eye. This works perfectly for her to get her shower. Thank you so much.


It has helped me so much, thank you!


So the reason I was looking into this is because I get lash extentions usually you can not get your lashes wet the first day. Shipping was literally so fast I order this on Thursday recieved it Saturday morning. I already used it lol and it worked so good !! I’m very happy


Truly excellent. Clever design and of better quality than the disposables used in medicine and dentistry, it really is re-usable.

Vicki P

My 12 year old son with sensory issues is using this for hair washing. So far it's great! Keeps the water from dripping onto his face.

Mara H